Launch Boats

CPG Agency operates a fleet of launch boats that provide crew change, delivery and light cargo services. Our launch boats can handle up to 10 pax per trip or up to 600 tonnes of cargo

Heavy Duty Barge

We have based in Nacala a 12 meter heavy duty 100 tonne capacity barge that can be brought alongside vessels at the port or in anchorage for delivery or removal of heavy items.

Tanktainer Operations

Our fleet of tanktainers can be deployed for transport and storage of any bulk liquid, including diesel, lubricants, fresh water etc. With support of our vessels these ISO tanks are suitable to deliver or collect bulk liquids to or from offshore vessels.

Liquid and Solid Waste Management

Using our assets based in Nacala we are able to offer integrated bulk liquid removal services (sludge, used oils, slops, sewage, grey water) and solid waste removal services to vessels within the port or at anchorage. All products are disposed of at licensed facilities within Mozambique.